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The must-see Warren Buffett documentary


Did You know that Warren Buffet also had a mentor?
Did You know he gave 70% of his fortune to charity? to the “Bill Gates Foundation”?
Did you know that they eradicated diseases in Africa?
Did you know Warren Buffett worked delivering newspapers for the Washington Post? AND
That He ended up Buying part of Washington Post years later?
Did You know that Warren Buffett “simplicity” made him one of the richest man ever ?
Worth around 60 BILLION DOLLARS in WEALTH?
Did you know that he did all that even during a recession?

Learn about the “value of the value of money” in this very interesting video
One of my heroes in business, investing, entrepreneurship, and (Why not?) the concept of simplicity is Mr Warren Buffett.

First thing you notice as you watch the documentary, Warren Buffett do not care about the way he looks, the clothes we wears, the cars he owns, or yachts and mansions. Through his life, even as a very wealthy man, he looks and acts “normal”.

Yes, Warren Buffett is extraordinarily humble, like very few people we know.

Even being richer than rich (60 Billion Dollars rich) Warren Buffett looked and talked like any person, a person “next door”. People could often see him at the drive through of Mac Donald’s – fast food seems to be one of his favorites.

Warren Buffett is also funny, and he doesn’t live life pretending to be polished and extremely polite. He says it as it is. His sense of humor is lite, and refreshing. Warren Buffet makes jokes when you least expected, making everyone at ease and eager to listen what’s next.

One of the biggest lessons that can be learned about Warren Buffett is in the area of business and investing. I call Warren Buffett “the King of Simplicity in business and investing”. Watch the video for the full overview which is very interesting. He said someone taught him some simple principles that changed his life. Benjamin Graham taught him that.

There are so many things to learn about Warren Buffet. But I am not going to tell you in words. It is better that you see it in the video . Feel free to share this page with your friends too if you want

Maybe the biggest lesson to learn from Warren Buffett is that when you are truly rich, you are rich at heart, and you are generous, really generous.

In conclusion, my respects to Mr Warren Buffett. His legacy will continue for many generations to come. He belong to my list of heroes, with Walt Disney, Bill Gates, and a few others, like my dad, my brother Luis, my son , my mom. ( I will tell you why in other conversations )

Who are or have been Your Heroes? Do you have people in your life that have influenced you in one way or another? feel free to share with commenting below or sending me a direct message (yes. I also read them)

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