Burn the ships

Burn the Ships That Are Holding You Back

On September 30, 2016  I posted I made a post about a famous story called “Burn the Ships. Click on this link to read more.Burn the ships

This post  received a lot of attention. The moral of the “Burn the Ships” story is only you can decide whether to give 100%, or not. If reservations or back up plans are not left behind, you will never know what type of success you are capable of. The “Burn the Ships that are Holding your Back” story has inspired me over the years to put every effort into my success and the success of my team and not to waste thinking about “What if I fail”.

The definition of a reservation is the act of keeping back, withholding, or setting apart. Another way of saying it is creating a back up plan. Think about telling your spouse on your wedding day, if this doesn’t work it is okay I have another available in the bullpen.

Many times we do not succeed because we are not 100% committed to our own success. Parents, we coach our kids to give it their all in school and in sports .  If  we want them to buy in to that attitude, then we have to lead by example. Make a decision today to make a plan of action towards your success that has no back up plan and don’t look back until you have crossed the finish line.

Thanksgiving has just past and the Christmas Season is upon us.  As soon as you know, it will be the New Year. Don’t wait until January 1st to start accomplishing your goals. I don’t believe in waiting until tomorrow to start making my dreams come true today.

Procrastinate“Procrastination is one of the most common and deadliest of diseases and its toll on success and happiness is heavy.”
Wayne Gretzky

Too many times people wait around to start something and unfortunately they wind up never starting.

The opposite of procrastination is being proactive, taking the initiative and make things happen. The opposite of fear in my opinion is faith and faith is an action. It’s your belief in yourself, demonstrated by your actions. It’s moving forward with a commitment to keep moving forward.

I challenge you is give yourself the best chance to succeed by burning the ships and commit to action steps to accomplish your goals that will bring you to the reality of your dreams.

I hope this encourages you to take the necessary steps to move towards your happiness.

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