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Elena Fraga is one of the most recognized business consultants in the country. She specializes in marketing, business development and leadership training.

Elena Fraga help people and companies builds teams all over the world, with simple online-offline systems with proven results.

Elena Fraga has trained and coached many of the top latino team builders in the online space.  She often says that she is not a speaker, but she has taught at universities around the world. Elena Fraga is bilingual business consultant. Elena Fraga is also very successful as a traffic specialist and  internet marketer.  Her simple systems have helped people worldwide.

Her areas of expertise include retail sales both online and offline, team building, business start-up, home business, internet marketing,  international expansions,

Elena Fraga is a retired attorney and retail business owner. She is a mom to her son Michael. She lives in Florida but trains worldwide daily, via internet helping entrepreneurs everywhere.

Elena Fraga is the founder of an executive leadership team that has expanded  organizations all over the world.

Elena Fraga
Elena Fraga with Mr. Donald J Trump – NOTE: ELENA FRAGA might not agree with Donald Trump ‘s political views today. However, she has been recognized by him for her RESULTS in MARKETING  – Achieving in 3 days what other people didn’t achieve in 12 years in his company.


Her system has been proven in several industries with similar results:

  • Personal Development Industry
  • Home Services Industry
  • Health and Wellness Industry
  • Digital Products Industry
  • Real Estate Industry
  • Gas Stations Industry
  • and much more

Elena Fraga has extensive Experience in Business Administration and Management, and retail Franchising. She was a  Retail Executive for 15 years and was a Financial Adviser for an International Company with operations worldwide.

Elena Fraga is both a retired attorney and entrepreneur.  She retired from her Corporate World in 2007 to become and adviser and joined a home business company in the personal development arena. Soon after, she has quietly dominated the industry

Elena Fraga is currently a Global Director In Total Life Changes

Elena Fraga has won numerous awards and has been a speaker and lecturer in university campuses in Latin America.

Elena Fraga is also a cancer survivor. she became an ONLINE  home business entrepreneur and coach because the internet allowed her to grow her business while taking care of her health and family

Elena Fraga coaches and trains almost daily, via internet, from her home in Miami, FL where she resides.  She has students and partners in 5 continents.

Elena Fraga is the go to person to expand businesses, specially to bilingual markets.


“I help business owners grow their businesses, expand beyond their local markets find new customers via the internet” . My VIP Coaching is for just a selected group of business owners every month. I do this in English and in Spanish.

Train how to use a franchise-like system without the high franchise fees.

Elena Fraga
Elena Fraga

Elena Fraga is a Wealth Trainer. She is a Certified National Trainer and a Start up Consultant for Business owners. A very savvy internet marketer.

Elena Fraga serves in the Leadership Council of Empower Network focusing on the expansion on both English and Spanish

2 thoughts on “About Elena

  1. Salve Elena, sono un signore di 63 anni, e ho un problema importante perche’ ho perso il lavoro e di conseguenza moglie e figlia con un mutuo casa da pagare e altro .

    Se ho capito bene, tu aiuti le persone ad avere un reddito tramite internet, posso partecipare anche io a questo business, cosi’ che possa recuperare mia moglie, figlia e la casa.?

    Ti dico subito che non ho grandi disponibilita’ , pero’ tanta voglia di riscattarmi.

    Ho un computer e un collegamento a internet 24/24 ore, ti ringrazio anticipatamente e confido nella tua serieta’ .

    ciao vittorio savio

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