Face-to-Face Listening Skills

Face-to-Face Listening Skills

Increase Sales By Improving Face-To-Face Listening Skills
The 3 Part Series on Listening
Part 1: Face-to-Face Listening Skills
Part 2:  Phone Listening Skills
Part 3: 
Internet Listening Skills

Some people have asked me how I have become a global business leader? How I was toFace-to-Face Listening Skills able to dominate the Latin Speaking Market in addition to the English speaking market. Yes, being bi-lingual has helped speak to both markets, but the truth has more to do with listening in both languages and not as much to do with speaking. I can’t tell you how many times I heard people say “GOD gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason.” This statement may be overused but LISTEN UP, it’s the truth.

Another famous quote I have learned to live by is from St. Francis,

“It is better to understand than to be understood.”

Listening to understand your “prospective customer, stakeholder or investor” will not only increase your percentage on “closing deals,” it will also increase the quality of the business relationships you have. Below are quick tips that will help you become a better listener:

Tip #1 Ask Questions and Take Note of the Answers. Sound easy? Video tape Face-to-Face Listening Skillsyourself in a real face to sales situation. You may be unpleasantly surprised with the grade you give yourself. Your future client MUST feel you are asking questions that will help you understand THEIR needs. It is vital they believe you are listening and comprehending the answers to your questions and you are not just following some script or methodology. If people believe you are following a script, then they will think you are manipulating their answers to prove they need you, or your products / services. Be sure to ask follow-up questions based upon the notes your have taken. You can do this by briefly summarizing their answers, then asking a defining question on what their needs are. It’s okay to document how you can help them with your product or service, but relay that in the initial question and answer part of your meeting. Your number one objective in this phase is to “LISTEN” and “COMPREHEND” your future client. If you do this correctly you have built a foundation of trust and people will be willing to give you your undivided attention.

Face-to-Face Listening SkillsTip #2 Eye Contact – Eye contact lets people know you respect what they are saying. It’s not good enough to make eye contact just when you a speaking to them, it’s just as important to make eye when they are speaking. It shows that you are ENGAGED in their conversation, in their thoughts, in their beliefs.   Eye contact will also help you understand people’s personality in addition helping you notice non-verbal cues that will help you understand what the other person is thinking, not just what they are saying.  The more you understand people’s personality, Face-to-Face Listening Skillsthe more you can tailor your message. When someone is talking and their eyes light up on a certain topic, like wanting to spend more time with their kids; now you know “one of their core values” is their family. Another example is when they start talking to you about time and you see they start looking “down or sad”, this is because they want to find free up more time. These are just two of the many examples how can improve your listening skills and your sales by making eye contact.

Tip #3 DON’T INTERRUPT – Don’t finish people’s sentences or make gestures that you Face-to-Face Listening Skillswant them to stop talking because you have something, you think is more important to say. RELAX, allow for them to pause for a moment to hear themselves talk. You do not win awards or sales by talking more than your future client. Passion is important, but interrupting sends a negative message that “what they are saying is not important as whatFace-to-Face Listening Skills you are saying”.

When you finish people’s sentences, you are stopping their flow of communication. There is power in them hearing what they are saying. Let them talk and show them they are the most important person in the room. And of course, silence any other phone or pager you may have when speaking to people.

One may think this blog is for beginners and not for the seasoned sales person. I will argue with the best of them after I listen to their reasons, J. What I have found in all my years in business that the most seasoned sales people may not be the most seasoned listeners. Think about how much more business that “seasoned sales guru” will produce if they started to implement better listening skills to there already proven system. The sky is the limit.

As a coach who engages people in every aspect of their careers, I have realized “listening skills” always need improvement and will increase Profits, Productivity and more satisfied customers. It’s also one of the hardest concepts to implement and usually one needs a good coach to assist in correcting bad communication habits and refining each individual to reach the peak of their success by having excellent communication skills.


Elena Fraga’s 3 Part Blog on Listening


Growing Your Business One Step at a Time

Growing Your Business One Step at a Time

One of there recommendation I always give to brand new people in this industry is :

Growing Your Business One Step at a Time

Do not try to do too much too quickly!

I understand people are excited about starting a new business, they want to learn everything fast and want to learn new methods quickly.

And that is GREAT.…But…Sometimes…

Growing Your Business One Step at a Time

When you try to do too many things too quickly, you start to feel overwhelmed and you  go into information OVERload.  Then you do not take ACTION because you are confused.

A mind that is confused does not take action.

Growing Your Business One Step at a Time

My recommendation is, take one step at a time.  You go, maybe little bit slower, or maybe just feel like you are going a little bit slower; but the reality is, these things you learn at the beginning will stay with you for life.

So it is worth the effort to learn these things well, and do not rush.

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Get GREAT Mentors

Another 30-Second Tip On
How to Make Money From Home
Coach Elena Fraga
The Importance of Good Mentorship

One of the most important things you can do to make sure you are not wasting your time so that you can make money from home is to get togetherwith somebody that has achieved the results that YOU are looking to have.TimeMoneyDreamsEnergy

Stay away from those people who are actually driving you down.

If you have anyone in your personal life today you feel are draining your Energy, maybe killing your Dreams, your Time, even costing your Money, without them even being aware of it, then…


Or at least spend less time with them and more time with those people that have the results you are looking for.

ElenaSmileGet GREAT Mentors  

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Staying on Top with YOUR Brand

“Staying on Top with Your Brand”
Part 3 of the 3 Part Series:
 “YOU Are YOUR Brand”

Part 1: “Understanding the Power of an Effective Brand”
Part 2: “YOUR Brand is YOUR Message”

With the first two blogs (Click above to read each respective blog in this “YOU are YOUR Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.07.13 PMBrand” series), you saw the power of developing the right brand and the work it takes to build it properly. In this blog, I want to focus on “sustaining the longevity of your brand.”

Have you ever heard of the famous term in the music industry “one hit wonders?” Well I’ve got news for you, ‘one hit wonders’ can happen in any business and in any industry. I could not begin to tell you all of the ‘one hit wonders’ in the garment and fashion industry. There are too many brands that were on ‘top of the world’ one day and in the next, were sold for under $10.00 at the local second-hand shop. For some examples of one hit wonder fads, Click Here to read about ‘Seven Fun Collectibles’ that no longer hold any value. This blog focuses on ‘brand management’ and will help to keep your brand on top. Here are 3 major concepts to implement:

  1. Research, Research, Research. To keep your brand on top you have to maintain Researchbeing the “Subject Matter Expert”, and to keep growing your brand and business you have to stay one step ahead of everyone else. In today’s big data world it is not easy. Your competitors will have no problem stealing your brand and the only way they can is by “becoming the Subject Matter Expert in your Industry”. This all can be avoided by consistently listening to your “Target Audience” staying on top of your industry trends’ as you and your brand continue to solve “new problems”.
  2. Maintain Consumer Trust. Consumer and Peer trust is a MUST. “Trust takes years to TRUSTbuild, seconds to break, and forever to repair.” The author of that quote is unknown which will be the same fate of your brand – ‘unknown’, unless you maintain the integrity of your brand. As your brand grows, your team grows; you also have to make sure the trust clients have in your brand grows. Remember your brand is YOU!   If your brand becomes untrustworthy, you become untrustworthy. You cannot control defects or glitches in your product or service but you can control how to resolve the issue. People believed the famous ship ‘Titanic’ was supremely above nature and so became foolishly blind to potential issues – and ultimately, it sank. Arrogance will cause you to become motivationally blind and you and your brand will sink as quickly as The Titanic did. To learn more about motivational blindness, click here.
  3. Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 11.33.15 PMHave a flexible marketing brand: Use wisdom when it comes to marketing your business and brand and remain flexible to ensure its growth and relevance. Make sure you are where your target audience is and where they will be in the future. Too many times I have seen people put ‘all of the eggs’ in the ‘social media’ or the ‘print marketing basket’ and they wind up being ‘ALONE’ in the basket. Also avoid giving up too quickly on new media marketing”. I get so aggravated and want to go ‘latina’ on people who say “I tried Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and it didn’t work.” Later on, I find out they were on it for two weeks and were not willing to work it and implement the three C’s on marketing their brand through social media. They also forgot the ‘social’ part of social media and became ‘social media spammers’. Don’t blame the marketing source for your unwillingness to do it and use it right. Be flexible, be patient don’t be afraid to try to new marketing platforms that are low-cost and low-risk. If you do this right, your brand can last longer than the platform that launched you high above your competitors.

In conclusion, these three blogs in the “YOU are YOUR Brand” series, are intended to help get you started in understanding ‘the power’ of an effective brand, and to give you tips that have also helped me to build, grow, and maintain my personal brand ‘Elena Fraga’.  I wanted to start you off with a few simple steps to ponder, plan, and execute.

However, these blogs are not intended to replace the effectiveness of having an ‘All-Star Coach. Once you have taken your brand seriously and want to take it to the next level, reach out to me and let’s discuss how Coach Elena Fraga can help you in creating a brand that rises to and stays at the top.


Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.35.52 PM

Coach Elena Fraga

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 6.22.29 PM…Break the Chains of Failure!… 

Coach Elena Fraga Elena Fraga coaches and trains almost daily, in person and via internet, from her home in Miami, FL where she resides. She has coached and mentored students and partners worldwide. http://CoachElenaFraga.com
Speaker Coach Elena Fraga

All the decision making we make is always, I believe, in our heads.  It is from Here to Here. →→→→→→→→

It’s not really on the Marketing, it’s in YOU. It’s in your Head.

Tony Robbins once said: “It is In the moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.”

This is so true.  When you make a decision that you are going to change your life.  When you make a decision  that your “WHY” is so much bigger than any obstacle you have, you actually don’t even look at the obstacle anymore, you “eye is on the prize” or the goal as they say.

I don’t concentrate on the problem, because guess what, the problem is not something you can control. You work on the things you can control.

Today is the day where there is not going to be any TURNING BACK.  No TURNING BACK, Move FORWARD!

Thank You.  Click below to watch the video



Coach Elena Fraga


YOUR Brand is YOUR Message

“YOUR Brand is YOUR Message”
Part 2 of the 3 Part Series: “YOU Are YOUR Brand”

Part 1: “Understanding the Power of an Effective Brand”
Part 3: “Staying on Top with YOUR Brand”

Part two of this blog focuses on building an Effective Brand by having a powerful message.   What is the message behind your brand? How does that message separate you from everyone else? Does your passion reflect in your message?

First let’s start with the basics. The message behind your brand must be framed by the three C’s of personal branding, which are:

  1. ClarityClarity-Consistency-Constancy
  2. Consistency
  3. Constancy

Clarity means that your brand has a clear message on who you are and what your product is. If a prospective client cannot comprehend “the who, what, where, and why?” of your product or business within a short period of time, then there is no amount of time, money, and advertising that will get results. The message has to be clear!

“Who” are you? “What” is your Product and what problem does it solve? “Where” do I get your product or service? If your branding answers those questions clearly, than you have a message and you do not have to explain the “Why”, because your product or service is already sold.

Consistency simply means consistently delivering the “promised” results of your product or service.   Once your brand has a clear message now you must create the integrity behind your brand. Does your product mean what is says and says what it means.

Have you every heard the proverb “If it is too good to be true, than it probably is”? Overselling breaks the trust in your brand and the integrity of your message. Consistently deliver on what your product or service says it can do, and let your customers become your strongest sales force.

Constancy means your product and service is always visible and available to the “right people at the right time”. The worst thing that can happen is when a “stakeholder” (customer, investor, or business partner) can’t find you. Social media only helps your brand IF you are active on it. The website only works when it is fully functioning and up to date. Email only works when the stake holder gets a response. The message of your brand has to be constantly interacting with your stakeholders. Your message can be clear and consistent but if it’s not available when the prospective customer needs it then IT DOESN’T EXIST, and if it doesn’t exist YOU DON’T EXIST.

In conclusion of my Latin twist on the three C’s, I must add the letter P as the last part of the three C’s.
P A S S I ON. “Passion is energy.”

Oprah “Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you” Oprah Winfrey.

If you did not know, I am a Latina, and fortunately for me my culture personifies passion. Salsa, Merengue, and Argentine Tango are just a few Latin dances, however different they are, Latin dances scream “passion”. What does Latin dancing have to do with the message of my brand?

EVERYTHING, if you are not passionate about your product or service, how in the world do you expect any one else to be.

I never have to fake tears when I tell my story about how I came to be who I am and why I do what I do? As scary as it was to walk away from the garment and fashion industry, I knew my heart wasn’t in it any more because my heart is my son, anything that would take time away from him was not worth doing. I no longer was willing to leave my heart at home to go to work. I wanted my heart to be in whatever business I was going to do and I have found successful people to help me to execute my message with passion.

I can help you with the three C’s. My coaching will motivate you, but if you are not passionate about your product or service, you have no brand.

If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the contact form below.

Your Brand is Your Message

Your Are Your Brand

You Are Your Brand

 “Understanding the Power of an Effective Brand”
Part 1 of the 3 Part Series: “YOU are YOUR Brand”

Part 2: “YOUR Brand is YOUR Message” 
Part 3: “Staying on Top with YOUR Brand”

What comes to my mind:

  1. When I say “So easy a cave man do it”,
  2. Or, if you need to find something on the internet really quick, where do you go?
  3. How about the slogan “I’m lovin’ it”?
  4. What do you think of when you see the lower case i followed by an upper case letter.

Your next question may be “ELENA, ¿qué rayos dices?” or “what the heck are you talking about?”

I’m talking about BRAND POWER. Geico, McDonaldsGoogle,and Apple are “gurus” when it comes to marketing their brands. In fact McDonalds, , Google and Apple are on the “Forbes Top Ten” list for most powerful brands of 2014.

You Are Your Brand http://www.elenafraga.com/

Now you be thinking what does this have to do with me. My answer is,


Many people, specifically minorities, have failed in business and outside of business because they have not understood they are individually a brand. Whether you like it or not you are a brand, and with the right focus and coaching you will be successful when you yourself become an effective “brand”. Nike understands this model and you if don’t believe me ask Maria Sharaopova, who made and Estimated $70 million over eight years with Nike. An article from Fast Company writes:


You Are Your Brand http://www.elenafraga.com/The one thing I learned the hard way, is that I am a brand.  I say “the hard way” because in my previous ‘life,’ my brand and ‘I’ had an identity crisis. I had to first figure out who I am, than focus on shaping myself “to be the fun loving passionate successful single Latina mom. To make sure I do what I love and love what I do and now share my success and happiness with others by leading, inspiring, and coaching my protégés to do the same.”

The purpose of part one of three of my blog posts on branding is to help you realize

“YOU ARE YOUR BRANDYou Are Your Brand http://www.elenafraga.com/“,

Not your product or services, but YOU.

Once you have that Elena induced epiphany, then and only then, you will be building the foundation of your “Effective Brand”. Soon, you will be on your way of becoming a power force in your industry, in your family, and your social life. An effective brand does not change its identity it just changes its approach. Your identity is your brand, and once your brand is Clear, Consistent, and Constant, then you can find the right approach to grow your business to a level that once was thought as “impossible.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 10.43.03 PM

Results Oriented Focus Produces Success

The title of this blog is funny to all who have heard me present and know why my son asks me not to say the word ‘focus’, due to my accent.

Result oriented focus, however, is a main ingredient to being the best and having the results to show you are the best at whatever you are attempting to accomplish. Top woman’s tennis player Venus Williams understood this when she said

“I don’t focus on what I’m up against. I focus on my goals and I try to ignore the rest.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.46.21 AMAlthough this principle applies to every aspect of your life I want to make sure this blog hits the target to assist you in your profession.


  • Results: My simple definition of results is outcome of an action, or lack of action.
  • Oriented: Oriented simply means positioned, aligned or placed
  • Focus: As I relate to the word Focus, it means “center of attention”, or “Emphasize or Concentrate”.

When, I say “results oriented focus” I am saying “Concentrate on aligning yourself with the right outcome.”

ElenaFraga.comAre you spending your day on tasks that will produce the outcome of your defined success? Every morning I take one hour out of my day to align myself with a plan or a map of how I will accomplish my goals for that day. If it is to increase “sales”, I focus my attention on the steps I will take to “increase my sales”. That is my priority for that time period, everything else is a distraction and will pull me away from my goal. When my mindset is fixed on the strategic pathway to my desired outcome, it will be accomplished in half the time with double the reward. This is far better compared to trying to do everything at once and having a daily dismal performance.

Today, I have made a decision that failure is not an option and I have zeroed in on putting my attention onto the task at hand that will directly impact my Return-On-Investment “ROI”. This approach allows me to accomplish more with above satisfactory results. This type of mindset marries quality and quantity, and gives you the best of both worlds.

How do I have “Results Oriented Focus?”

One simple way to change your mindset from a scattered brained to having the mind of a Don't Get Flustered-2“sniper,” is to eliminate distractions by creating a distraction list and removing them from your physical senses.  Often, when people do not remove these distractions, they become flustered when working. If the phone, tv, or email will stop you from accomplishing your task, get rid of them. Turn the phone off, make sure your desk has only the items you need to accomplish your task. If people can sway you away from your task, remove yourself from them. If you get distracted by food, don’t do your work in a bakery where you will constantly smell fresh baked goods.

Yes, this takes discipline, however all of these simple distractions end up sucking hours out of your day producing mediocre results. Do everything you can to get into “your zone”, and watch your performance increase in astronomical ways.

Results Oriented Focus Produces Success


Goals for 2015

Goals for 2015 – Elena Fraga

As we progress into 2015 it is important to write about strategic principles that helped meGoals for 2015 be successful in every aspect of my life.  Unfortunately, most people have already lost the motivation to complete their New Year’s day resolutions or goals. The sad thing is, we are not even into the month of February and many have given up on their 2015 goals. I beg you not to be a part of that statistic, don’t give up and let 2015 pass you by. Below are three valuable tips that have helped me universally elevate continually to new levels of success.

A famous woman author and poet May Sarton once wrote:

“We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.”

STEP ONE – Become Your Authentic Best Self

100PercentGenuineI challenge you to evaluate your daily life and ask yourself are you “daring to be yourself”? Do you know how to be your authentic /genuine self? Do your goals, your career, permeate your authenticity? These are yes or no questions.

If the answer to any of these is no, then how do you expect to motivate yourself for success since you are living someone else’s life? It may sound strange, but if you are not “authentic” then by definition, you are a copy. Starting today, get to know the real you, your passions, your dreams, define who you are and what you want to be. Start lining up your lifestyle with who you are, then you to begin to accomplish more than just some New Years resolutions. This year commit to becoming your AUTHENTIC SELF.

The two next steps go hand in hand with you becoming your authentic self and must be done in this order.

STEP TWO – Identify and Maximize Your Strengths

Your success depends on how well you can identify and maximize your strengths. It’s as Strengthsimple as identifying what you are good at and maximizing those strengths in your life. For example, if you are a people person, are a strong verbal communicator, and you spend most of your time behind a computer, than something is wrong. If you a creative thinker and all you do is fulfill your supervisor’s to do list, then you are wasting you and your employer’s time. Once you learn how to match your life and lifestyle while maximizing your talents; then you will not only shine, but you will also inspire others to shine.  80% of your time and effort should be utilizing your strengths, not your weakness.

STEP 3 – Work on Your Weaknesses and Build a Well balanced Team

WeaknessOn the other hand, 20% of your efforts should be used identifying and working on your weakness. However, you can not do this on your own. Even the best of all players always had a coach and good teammates. This is also what separates a good worker from a good leader. A leader knows how to utilize their strengths and minimize the damage of their weaknesses by building a strong team of people around them. The famous basketball player Michael Jordan understood this when he said:

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”

I tribute my own success to having the right people guiding me along the way. When you work with people strong in the areas you are weak in, not only does it have a positive impact on your success, but it helps you strengthen your weakness. When you utilize a coach that understands this, you are literally elevating your success to lighting speed by not having to make the same mistakes others made.

Sam Levinson said:

“You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.”

A good coach not only leads you away from simple mistakes, but leads you to the pathway of greater accomplishments in a shorter time.

This year give yourself a chance to change from doing the same things over and over; and expecting different results, by taking real steps towards real achievements. After all, don’t you want to succeed being the “The Real You.”

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