Don't Sacrifice Your Dream While Trying To Fulfill It

Don’t Sacrifice Your Dream While Trying To Fulfill It

I wanted to start this blog with a Facebook post I made quoting Mark Zuckerberg….Don't Sacrifice Your Dream While Trying To Fulfill It

“The biggest risk is not taking any risk…
In a world that changing really quickly, the
only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

Some people waste their lives in “Valley of Indecision”, where time is wasted and relationships can only be destroyed.  There is real POWER in making a decision, but we have to be sure it’s the right one.

I’ve seen people make a decision and eventually sacrifice these same dreams they were attempting to fulfill.  It is a delicate balance, with the desire to reach a goal comes the elimination of things that may keep you from ever achieving them. Sometimes, the things we eliminate, are more important than the things we want to achieve.

Don't Sacrifice Your Dream While Trying To Fulfill It
                          Don’t Sacrifice Your Dream While Trying To Fulfill It

One great example is the person that is constantly working overtime to give his or her family a comfortable lifestyle. While trying to achieve this dream, they sacrificed the relationships with their family. Working so many hours did not give those family members something they would value more than “things”; that is time with their love ones.

Before you pick your dreams and establish your goals, balance them out with the sacrifices you have to make to achieve them. Get others on board with your plan. Run your ideas past your spouse, your family, and your friends.

I knew someone who had a dream to run a marathon.  In order to fulfill his goal, he had to sacrifice many of his friendships so he could train.   These friends were hurt, but he had made the choice in advance that the sacrifice was worth the goal. He was happy with the end result.

Others did not have the same outcome.  Another friend decided to go all out into a new business. He did not involve his friends or family, he didn’t consult anyone else and went “all in” into this new endeavor. He alone was convinced it was the right thing to do. Those around him had many doubts, and this time their doubts were justified. He lost much of his life savings and ended up broke. The very dream he was working hard to achieve was what he ended up sacrificing.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Dream While Trying To Fulfill It

I want to stress the importance of having the support of your family and your friends to assist in fulfilling your dreams. It much better to have those close to you sharing and helping you achieve your goals than sitting on the sidelines feeling neglected. As I have stated before:

“Teamwork Makes the Dream work”.

It may sound like a cliché, however this produces your desired results without sacrificing the people closest to The Power of Decisionsyou.

Sit down with those you love before you commit yourself to a considerable endeavor. They will help you understand how realistic your dream is. They will also recognize what will have to change in their lives. At that point they will have to decide if they are with you, or to leave you on your own.

You will know from the start what you will be sacrificing.

If we really want to love what we do and do what we love; then our love will be evident to our families and friends. Think about it,

“How can anyone do what they love and at the same time ignore the ones they love?”

The ‘doing’ should NOT become more important than the people in your lives.  Yes, I understand there are times when opportunities arise and we have make tough decisions, but this is the exception to the rule.

We are told the ultimate sacrifice is to lay down your life for your friends or family; but we do that each day with ever decision that includes them in, or cuts them out of your life.  There is no power in indecision, but there is real power in making a decision. This power includes both the power to achieve and to sacrifice.

If you become so single minded in your quest, you many be the only “single-mind” left in the room.  Telling your love ones

“I’m dong this for you”, does not hold water.

If your goals become more important than your relationships, then it comes down to:

“Your Money or Your Life.”


Become a Person of Action

How to Avoid being Over Analytical
And Make Money in the Process

Addicted to Research?
                   Addicted to Research?

That is a good question many people ask themselves.  The real challenge to many on my team is how to change from being over analytical, to a person of action, especially when starting out. I don’t know if you’ve been in this situation: You say to yourself

“I have to research something, I have to know about it.”

And then you stop what you are doing. You stop taking action.

In this blog, you will see how to ask a simple question every time you are about to start doing some research.  This simple question will help you create new habits, will help you stop being an over analytical person, and will help you achieve faster results  in your life and in your business.

The key question is:

“The research I’m about to start, will it lead me to achieve immediate results?”

Or, put another way:

“Will searching for information bring me money, or  should I wait until the information is more readily available.  Is  this decision going to draw me closer to my goals or farther from them.  Will what I’m about to do earn me more money, or will make me lose time?”

If the answer is your research will achieve immediate results, then you should do it; if not, then stop and take matters into your hands.

Becoming a Person of Action

Analytical people are excellent team members. They provide us with very valuable analysis, information, statistics as well as other types of information valuable to us. Analytical people will always work for producers, those who make money,  unless they change their habits and adapt to being a producers as well.

Who would you rather be? An analytical person or a producer? Would you rather be a Marketer or a Researcher? If no immediate income comes from what you are doing now, but rather leads you to analyze, then it’s time to make a change.  It’s easy to get lost in the numbers.

Just recently, I was speaking to one of the extraordinary team leaders, who is a little analytical. She notices a new product was coming out and tells me she needs more information about it because people are asking her about it. I told her,

“Do you really need to do this research?  What you’re searching for won’t bring you any more income.
“You won’t be investing your time wisely.”

I then asked her,

“Do you want to be a researcher or a marketer? These are two very different things, because marketers make money and researchers don’t.”

She told me;

“Elena, you don’t understand, I need to know about the product because when it comes out, there will be questions.”

But  there are a many ways to research information, so when you are going to start researching you must first stop and think if you are a researcher or a marketer.  The answer is very simple, not researching will bring in more money. We should  make a habit of asking ourselves if this activity will help you bring in more income, or will it make you lose time. If you really want to reach your goals and are an analytical person you will have to face this dilemma.

If you really want to reach your goals and you are an analytical person you will often find yourself trying to decide what to do. So you have to ask yourself which decision will draw me closer to my goals today. When we start analyzing, we delay results. People that make a lot of money love to have analytical people around them because they draw conclusions, they provide statistics and other things. It’s the way most computer programmers are most of the time: they are really cool people to have around because they are not making money, they are analytical. The ones who MAKE money utilize programmers while they are out there marketing, selling ,and getting in touch with people in order to make money.

So, do you want to be the one that analyzes how to make money, or the one that makes money?  Start the habit of asking yourself, do I want to be the one that makes money or the one that analyzes how to make money.

I hope this can help you, please send me your feedback.  Of course as always, for more information on marketing on the Internet, marketing channels, personal growth or business in general, contact me by clicking here.

Review Your Goals To Improve Your Results

Review Your Goals To Improve Your Results

Review Last Year’s Goals To Improve Next Year’s Results

<b>Review Your Goals To Improve Your Results</B>
Review Your Goals To Improve Your Results

Last year on January 25th, I published my blog Goals for 2015,  to encourage you to write clear goals for your business and personal life. Through out the year, I reminded you with my social media and blog to help you meet your goals. We are only three days away from 2016 and before you start creating your New Year’s Resolution list or S.M.A.R.T goals for 2016, take inventory of this year’s goals and evaluate how well you did on achieving them.

This simple review of last year’s goals will help put you on a fast track for success in 2016.

By performing a simple S.W.O.T analysis on last year’s goals can enable you to hit the ground running in 2016 and start to make an immediate impact of fulfilling your dreams in 2016.

Review of Goals

Review Your Goals To Improve Your ResultsThe first step will be to review your goals. It should be clear to you those you achieved; and those you did not. For example, if one of your goals was to increase your business net profits by a dollar amount or percentage, it may be simple to see if you met that goal or not. Another example a little more personal is, a few of you may have had a similar goal as I when it came to losing those extra pounds. As we all know, the scale does not lie. Those are examples of goals that are easy to evaluate. There may be some goals that are not so clear and you will have to do a little more soul searching and investigating to rate properly.

Keeping the Right Perspective

In the process of reviewing your goals do NOT beat yourself up with the results if they did not meet your expectation. All this will do is destroy your motivation to keep trying. On the reverse, if you met all of your goals quickly and pretty easy don’t pat yourself on the back, because, if they were easy to achieved maybe you did not make goals that challenged your greatness.

Next Steps

Review Your Goals To Improve Your ResultsAfter you have measured the success of each goal, you now can start to strategically evaluate the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats (SWOT) of each goal. We all know that hindsight is always 20/20 meaning, it’s easier to see what worked and didn’t worked after the fact. If you are willing to carefully look at why a goal was successful, or or why you fell short of the mark, it will absolutely help you achieve your 2016 goals. You can make the necessary adjustments to accomplish the goal next year and you now know what worked so you can build on the momentum of your previous success.

Heart to Heart

Review Your Goals To Improve Your ResultsI have struggled with my weight for many years and not just my weight but also my overall health. One thing  that was not optional was accepting defeat by giving up. I continued to assess what was not working and I finally found what does work and got the desired results and so much more. My overall health has improved drastically because I kept trying until I found the right products and system that worked for me.   If you would like to learn more on how to create goals and produce your desired results in your business, family or personal life, please reach out to me via my Website.

Designing and Developing an Action Plan

Review Your Goals To Improve Your ResultsThe last step is to start to design and develop an action plan for your 2016 goals. If you have done your due diligence with the previous steps, you now have a good start on what you want your 2016 goals to be. Review the relevance of your 2015 goals to see if there is any that were not achieved and should be transferred 2016, with a new strategy. I want to interject my personal opinion here quickly with this statement. I suggest that any of your previous goals that relate to your health and your family’s success should be seen as important enough to keep trying until you achieve them. Never give up on your health and on your family’s success.   Also investigate the goals you achieved to see if you want to set the bar higher for this year and capitalize on last year’s achievement.

“The starting point to all achievement is desire.”
Napoleon Hill

Review Your Goals To Improve Your Results

I hope your desire has the depth to make your dreams a reality. The only way to do that is by taking the rights step toward that dream. S.M.A.R.T goals will help you create a plan of action towards that dream. As 2015 is soon to be in the past, I challenge you to start making 2016 the year of “accomplishment” for you, your team, and your family by using your time wisely and achieving your goals one step at a time. – Spanish 

www.BusinessOverview.Net – English

Get Out of the Vicious Losing Weight Cycle

Get Out of the Vicious Losing Weight Cycle

I was not looking to get involved and start a new business. I was not!  I was already happy with the Coaching, the Online Marketing, and other things I was already doing.

Get Out of the Vicious Losing Weight CycleBut let me tell you, because I tried the TLC Products and saw what happened with me and for me, (for the first time in 7 years I was able to lose weight.  I got out of the Vicious Cycle of losing weight, then gaining it back and not having any energy!), I started marketing the TLC Products  and promoting them.

Get Out of the Vicious Losing Weight Cycle

It has been such a blessing for so many people, that I am doing this for a living now.  I am already making over 5 figures a week, in such a short period of time.  So defiantly, I  here to stay.

And for me, now this is a mission. A mission to really help people to get out of the Vicious Cycle of  being over weight. Of losing weight and gaining it back, of not haven enough energy. – Spanish 
www.BusinessOverview.Net English

The Being Healthy and Losing Weight Business

Watch the Video Here:



Elena Fraga

Cancer Survivor Makes Change to Feel Great

After I had major surgery in 2013,  I had serious chronic pain .  Yes, I am a cancer survivor. After the surgery, I was in bed most of the time.   I was happy, working from home, but I was still in bed.

My pain was so bad that my mother would call me every day  saying “Elena, how is your pain today?”

Cancer Survivor Makes Change to Feel Great

Dancing With EnergyThat’s how bad my pain was, but I am excited to tell you it has been close to three months now, and  I have absolutely…


The only thing is,  I went to my Doctor about a month ago for a routine scan. I go every three months because I had something on my liver.

I don’t know what happened!

I don’t know if it is the TLC products or my weight loss. I have no clue, but something was triggered, what I had on my liver was GONE. They could not find anything.

This is not a medical  claim, this is just my own testimony about what happened to me.

Have Energy and Lose Weight Easily

ElenaFraga-Before-AfterSo many people don’t realized how overweight they are; and yes, I was one of those
people (see photos).

I didn’t realize how overweight I was, but I am so happy now. I feel like a new person since I’ve lost weight.

Now I am so full of energy, the energy I didn’t have since I was 17 or 18 years old.

You know, I am looking good, but most important…I am feeling absolutely GREAT!

To learn more, click here for Spanish  
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Have Energy and Loss Weight

Have Energy and Lose Weight Easily

The FirsTLC-WeightLosst Time in Seven years that I have been able to lose weight, for me that is priceless.

The First Time in Seven years that I have been able to lose weight!

I tried the “H” Diet;
The company that starts with a “H”;
And the company that starts with a “V”;
And the company that starts with an “A”;
I also tried the diet my doctor recommended for me. And I would try this one and the other one…

The Transformation

Have Energy and Loss WeightNothing worked.  Yes, I would lose a little bit of weight, but that was it.  It was so frustrating because I was going into that circle, that visous cycle of not having energy and gaining more weight and feeling horrible.

Let me tell you, I didn’t know I was so over weight.  I didn’t realize I was in such bad shape.

Have Energy and Lose Weight Easily

But, how did I start with Total Live Concept?  I started with the Detox Tea. I tried it and it was like:
TLC Weight LossI accelerated my weight loss, Big Time. I not only lost weight, but I had more energy. And then I tried other products, like the coffee.

It has been incredible.  Forty plus pounds in such a short period of time I have lost, without any suffering.

To learn more, click here for Spanish  
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Total Life Changes

Total Life Changes

Does This Fit?
From Bed Ridden to a Zest for Life
Health Products That Fit Your Life

Health is very close to my heart for obvious reasons (Click here to view previous blog).  People remember health mostly when they get sick, like I did.  Just like the saying “You don’t know what you’ve got until its gone”.  Wherever you are reading this blog, be encouraged because there is hope, as long as you are willing to take action by taking steps to a better life, a better business, a better relationship, and better health.

I had sharp chronic pain for more than two years after a major surgery I had in 2013. That’s why I was in bed most of the time. My pains were so bad that my Mom used to call or text me from Panama every morning asking:

“Elena, how is your pain today?

To top it off, I had something in my liver being monitored every three months because it was changing density.  To say the least, these were serious health issues I was dealing with.
Total Life Changes

“Our bodies are gardens and our will is our gardeners.”
“There is no darkness, but Ignorance.”
William Shakespeare

When I made the decision to take my health seriously, and become the gardener of my physical health and appearance (and no longer be in the darkness), I was committed to following through.  I looked for and found products that not only helped me, but inspired others as quickly as I do.  The products at Total Life Changes (TLC) are not the stereotypical health and wellness boring product mix, which all look the same.  TLC’s philosophy is that the products work today, like fast!

The product did work fast, very fast for me. To make a long story short, I was taking a combination of TLC product for both my health challenges and weight loss. I don’t know if it was one particular product I was taking, or the combination, but the GREAT news is:

  • The mass that was being monitored monthly in my liver disappeared!Before-After
  • I am pain free for the first time in years. My pain is gone, TOTALLY GONE!
  • I am no longer confined to my bed
  • I haven’t taken one Tylenol for the last two months
  • I lost a lot of weight, very fast without dieting (see my photos>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>)
  • I have the energy I used to have when I was in my teens
  • I lost inches while I slept
  • I “mitigated” wrinkles in 1-2 minutes

Total Life Changes

The Total Life Changes Products appealed to me in the sense there were immediate results.  Again it was not just about the immediate weight loss.  I looked better, felt better, am healthier, and became even more energetic.

Total Life ChangesThe fact that now I have the results and am building up a revenue stream while referring others is exciting.  In 8 years being in this industry, I have never been involved in anything that sells as easy as this and benefits promoters and customers equally.  You know I always coach people to do what you love and love what you do.  I am grateful to have elevated myself to a level where my health success meets business success.  That is what I call “real sex appeal”.  Having my business and my body, and my spirit all achieving goals by working together.  If you want to learn more to see if this is a good of a “FIT” for you as it is for me, contact me for further information.

I have ONE TEAM, ONE DREAM 100k Families I can help!

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Elena Fraga Rep ID # 5074091

DevelopingNot Duplicating

Multiplying Your Team By Developing Not Duplicating

How many times have I said to myself, if they were more people just like me in my business, than my business would be perfect? WRONG!!! This statement is not only unrealistic but also not accurate.

Developing Not DuplicatingWhether you are building or growing your team, forcing everyone to be like you and “do it the way you do” it is a quick road to failure.

The ultimate goal should be to multiply your team with diverse talented individuals you are coaching rather than limiting their capabilities. A business will not succeed without a diverse talented team. If your attitude is you HAVE TO DO IT MY WAY, you will be limiting your business growth to only customers that want to do it “your way”. A good coach manages diverse talent to capitalize on their unique strengths towards “one goal” rather than “one way”.

A Successful Team is NOT a Team of  Clones

A Successful Team is NotClonesA team approach has to become the culture of your business. When the Yankees win a World Series everyone on the team gets a ring. Whether you are the star pitcher or the locker room staff, when the Yankees win, you win. They realize it takes a team effort to be the best. My team continues to grow because we have a formula for success that allows team members to adapt this formula to their individual personality and strengths. As a result, we all grow in profits together. I don’t make people do exactly what I do; I empower them by giving them a platform to be the best that they can be.

Multiplying Your Team By Developing Not Duplicating

Below are two tips on how to multiply your business by Developing individuals on your team.

  1. DevelopingNot DuplicatingDevelop a formula or proven system for success. Show proof that your business or product is successful the formula that made it successful. I spent years collaborating with the best minds in the business to develop technologies, products, and methodologies so that my SUCCESS can be duplicated. Once the formula for success is created and tested, then I make sure EVERY type of goal minded personality can replicate it. Once it’s been tested, then you are ready to build and develop a powerhouse team that will grow faster than you could imagine. My point is, if you have done the above properly, your success will be limitless.
  2.  Don’t stop people from revolutionizing your business by doing something a different way. Your team can help your business stay current and grow a new customer base because they think differently than you. Think about it from a marketing perspective. Once upon a time, TV and magazine advertising was the only way to market a product. That is why they were so expensive. A lot of mega businesses have gone bankrupt because they thought Internet and social media marketing would never be relevant. Now, those businesses are as extinct as Dinosaurs.   When your team members have the freedom to try new things with your proven formula, your profit and your team, will continue to grow.

Building A Winning Team

It all starts with YOU and your willingness to develop a team, rather than a “me” atmosphere.  Our team owns our success. This is through developing talent to “be the best you, you can be” rather than making them the best “me” they can be.

Elena Fraga

A Healthy Business Starts with a Healthy Person

As a cancer survivor and a Latina who comes from a culture of beauty contests and health fanatics who love to show their perfect bodies at the beach, I take health and beauty very seriously!!!  And coming from the fashion and retail industries prior to my Internet businesses world, I believe health and beauty are more important for most people than the garments they wear.


Today, I am so blessed to have achieved one of my personal goals for this New Year. For the first time in 7 years, I was able to lose all the weight I had been putting on, and without feeling hungry. Now, I look a lot younger and I finally feel energetic. The best part is that, for the first time since a major surgery I had 2 years ago, I have no physical pain! And most of this happened in just weeks.

Now, looking back, I realize how in bad shape I was. I am able to wear my clothes again; instead of the same black pants and black cardigan I used to wear for so long to hide all the extra weight. Total Health is so much more than just dropping pounds and losing weight. It is about feeling like you again!

Although I was not feeling insecure or unhappy, I was feeling uncomfortable. I needed a proactive approach to a Total Life Change, as far as my health – and my looks. Total Health starts with detoxing your body and giving the body the nutrients it really needs. It is about looking radiant, with a healthy looking skin that is pure and beautiful, with much less wrinkles and more elasticity. Total Health is also about having more vitality, more energy. It is about having good relationships too. For many marriages, intimacy is an issue. Total Health includes – why not? Having better intimacy. In short, being healthy and beautiful means so much more than something superficial. It is about your body, mind and spirit. My goal is to lead by example, whether in my business, my family, or in my personal life and helping others, my health.  Just like my business I have found a successful formula for Total Life Changes for health and beauty and much more for myself and for those who decide to follow what I do.

A Healthy Business Starts with a Healthy Person

If you know me, my family, my son, is my life; and my business is important because my business is like part of my family and my family is my business.  I give my all to anything I commit myself to do, holding nothing back for my team. As a business coach, I am committed to always finding successful solutions in my organization and building the best team to carry these solutions out and do something significant.

I know by empowering the people around me, we always achieve great and sustainable business growth.  We grow in numbers, in finances and personal success and LIFESTYLE for everybody who wants to get involved. I am excited about forming a team of success driven individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit, leaders and hard working people who like to feel better, look better, and live better, to take advantage of the increasing demand for health and beauty products globally. The health and beauty industry continues to grow at a very rapid speed, and am excited to create a multilingual team – English-Spanish-Korean and more- to meet such a large global demand. The company I am involved offers an opportunity that’s different. No fees to join. No website costs. No barriers to entry. It is Solid like a rock. It is Virgin in many markets. I will say no more except that the products and opportunity is huge. The proof is in the results. Timing is perfect.

In just weeks, I feel good; I look good, and business wise we became the number 1 sponsor in the company the first week we joined, using only social media, which I teach to my team. Tony Paz and I were amazed on how simple it was to achieve this milestone. My family is amazed on the way I look. They say I went back to the look I had when I was in fashion retail 10 years ago!  And now, this is not about me, or my looks. It is about bringing this Total Life Change to all the people that wants to join. At this time we are looking to engage with a diverse group of people, leaders from different parts of the world who are willing and able to join our team immediately and aggressively be able to work with us online and offline, to expand this business worldwide.

Click here ( ) and send me a note with reference: “Information. Send me the links “ to get all the information. And if you are ready to work with me, just get started today after I send you the info.

And, of course, if you have any questions, I am always a text, skype or facebook chat away. Become empowered through our formula of success.

TOTAL LIFE CHANGES … “We are changing our life and that of thousands” …Look spectacular, overall health and PROSPERITY AND FINANCIAL FREEDOM for all our team and the world

Elena Fraga's Phone Listening Skills

Phone Listening Skills

Phone Listening Skills
Part 2 of 3 Parts
Part 1 – Face-to-Face Listening Skills
Part 3 – Virtual Listening Skills

In a perfect world, you would be able to sit down face-to-face with your prospective customers. In the real world, however, where everything is “virtual,” face-to-face meetings are being replaced with phone, or online meetings through platforms like “Go-To-Meeting” or “WebEx.”   With the right ‘Listening’ strategy, your business will increase dramatically, whether you are meeting your prospective client face-to-face, on the phone, CRAZYphonewoman or on the computer.

Phone Listening Skills – Now, if for those of you that know me, you know my preference for interacting with people is covered in my next blog,  Part 3 – Virtual Listening skills; and my least favorite is the Phone. As a coach, I know everyone has their own preference. My job is not to turn you into to me, but coach you to be the highest performer you can be. If the phone is your strength, then this blog will assist you in becoming flawless. You can click on the links above for my coaching on Face-to-Face and Virtual Listening skills.

Here are a few tips to help you increase your sales and clients satisfaction over the phone.

  • Do Not Multi-Task When Talking to a Prospective Client – No matter how ‘slick’ you think you are, customers’ notice when you are not giving them your full-undivided attention. As most of you know, I am an efficient woman that gets more done in a day than some others do all week. The key to multitasking is knowing when to multitask and when NOT to. Your prospective customer needs to feel they the most important person to you and have your undivided attention. Make sure anything that could cause a distraction when you are on the call is eliminated before you make the call to the prospective customer. It is also important to have a quiet background (e.g., no Radio, Music, TV and put your dog, if you have any, in a place that will not be disruptive), and you have all meeting materials, computer, and client information available.
  • Prepare Properly – Tony Robins is cited for saying:

“The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.”

Proper Preparation is VITAL when you trying to understand the client on the other end of the phone line. If you are properly prepared you will be able to pick up key words when the customer is speaking. When you are listening to the client and communicate back to them their key words, you have confirmed to the

  1. You were really listening to them and
  2. You valued their time on the phone.

You also want to make sure you are technically prepared by having a strong phone line connection on both ends of the telephone line. If you cannot hear the client, let them know. You could say:

“I am sorry,  this call is breaking up, is there a way to get a better connection.”

Also make sure this is still a convenient time to talk to them via phone. If they forgot their child had a soccer game, let them know it’s okay to reschedule and find a better time to talk.

  • Verbal Confirmation of Comprehension Elena Fraga's Phone Listening SkillsWhat DOES THAT MEAN ELENA? Since you cannot read their body language, or look into their eyes, you always want to respond to their questions to confirm what the person you are speaking to really means. If they share with you a problem, after they are done speaking, repeat their concern with a question. For example: If they are coming to find a solution on how to qualify a better leader generation tool, you first must ask them to list why their previous tools were unsuccessful. They may say other tools did not work, but you will need to dig deeper to find out why they did not work. So you may ask:

“From what I am hearing, your frustrations is not that the tool does not work, but there was no clear direction on how to use it, am I comprehending that correctly?”

Always, ask a question to make sure you are hearing the other person correctly. The client will respect your question and answer you honestly. This works great because you bring value to your customer by just listening and asking questions. Here are other example of how one might structure the Verbal Confirmation of Comprehension question.

  • “If I am understanding your correctly you are saying…is that correct?
  • “Okay, I just want to make sure I am comprehending your situation properly…Is my interpretation accurate?

The point behind this is you are showing the prospective customer that you want to be 100% engaged to their needs and do no want to waste there time by not fully comprehending their needs.

These simple coaching tips when executed properly will increase your “Phone Closings.” You should practice them with other people. Set up some mock sales phone calls with people and evaluate your listening skills. Ask the mock customer specific questions like.

  • Did I sound caring and friendly in my introduction?
  • Do you feel I was listening the entire time?
  • Did you feel that I valued your conversation? Did I seem sincere in my questions?
  • How did you feel immediately after we got off of the phone.

Elena Fraga's Phone Listening SkillsThose type of feedback questions will help you become a “Master of Phone Listening”.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like some “One-On-One” coaching in any of my blog topics. Please remember investing in your Professional Development will not only increase your success in business but will help you achieve your goals quicker with less mistakes.